No Cost Remote Access from BPS and Safe-T

Zero Trust- Allow Everything. Trust Nothing

Helping Organizations Maintain Connectivity During the Coronavirus Outbreak

BPS Inc in Partnership with Safe-T is offering their Zero Trust Network Access solution to any organization, regardless of the size, that is in a situation where you need to enable remote access due to Covid 19. 

The offer will allow you free access for 3 months; with no commitment to purchase after. If this has been or is a struggle we are here to help. Please reach out by using the link below and we will be in touch within 24 hours. Stay healthy and safe!

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis and the impact it is having on healthcare, SecZetta wants to help!

SecZetta is the authoritative source for non-employee identities, their lifecycle, and the risk they pose to your organization. 


SecZetta initiates the onboarding process through an external access portal for all your non-employee populations (physicians, retired medical staff, contractors, SOW workers, students, etc.).  The attributes required by your organization about these individuals is gathered in this external portal and an internal approval workflow is then initiated before the individual is onboarded.  Once all approvals necessary for each type of non-employee are completed,  SecZetta then pushes downstream actions to create a helpdesk ticket for manual access provisioning or makes an API call directly to your IGA/IAM tool to expedite access requests.


Arguably more importantly, SecZetta will ensure downstream access deprovisioning will occur when the non-employee is no longer involved with the organization and no longer needs access. 


SecZetta is offering to help all hospitals/healthcare organizations with the external onboarding of physicians and other medical staff (retired/volunteering/etc).  Since time is so precious when dealing with the surge the medical facilities will face due to the COVID-19 patient influx, establishing a basic onboarding workflow for these retirees, volunteer medical professionals, and others will enable them to gain the necessary access to medical records and other information in a timely manner.  SecZetta is offering this onboarding workflow as a part of a  trial during this crisis!

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